Str. Caracal, Nr. 3, Craiova, DoljPhone: 0251/414.449, 0351/461.861
Rezervari hotel craiova prin


0,00 EUR

  • 200 seats
  • Personalizable menus
  • International and traditional gastronomy
  • Professional conditioning
  • Very good sound
  • Specialized chef
  • Impeccable serving


Hotel Bavaria's event room offers a warm atmosphere, ideal for parties and group meetings. There is also a rich breakfast, a delicious lunch or a supper in the company of friends after an animated day, offering privacy and comfort.


Sunday events at Hotel Bavaria Craiova have 15% discount.


Prices include breakfast.


Breakfast costs 5 euro / person and is optional.
Price include VAT and hotel tax.
We accept card payments  

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